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Payer Eyes has done more than refine an old tradition: we've started a new one. Guided by our unyielding desire to produce the most life-like glass eyes on the market, our glass eyes capture the natural colors and reflective qualities of the animal’s original eyes in flawless detail.

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Family-owned. Family-honed.

Meet the Payer family: Todd, Lotus, Aaron, Joshua, Judah, Levi, and Ziva Payer. Every member of our family focuses on every detail of the glass eyes we produce. 

Payer Eyes are produced by our family with extreme care, yielding a perfect, glossy, blemish-free surface. Whether used for taxidermy, wood carvings, jewelry, or special effects, Payer Eyes will bring your special art to life.


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Payer Eyes is committed to producing the most life-like glass eyes in the industry. We want nothing more than having our eyes be a part of your incredible art.

"My client's deserve the very best, Payer Eyes always delivers."

— David, Wildlife Designs Taxidermy, TX